printrbot GO – suitcase belts and signature panel

Since before I even owned the GO! (v.1), I had a vision in my mind about turning it into a steampunk steamer trunk kinda thing, and critical to that vision were suitcase belts. I can't imagine  a single feature (well, in addition to darkly stained wood) that says "olde timey" like leather belts up the sides of a piece of a luggage, so I knew I needed to get something like that working for me at some point. I got held up for some time on the idea of finding straps that were actually designed Read more [...]

printrbot GO – Frankenstein switch

Let me just be up front and say that this little mod does not warrant an entire blog post. The good news is that you're not paying by the word, so drop a complaint in the box on your way out if you must. So it seemed clear that a modern PC power switch was looking more and more out of place on my steampunk monstrosity and someone on PrintrbotTalk forums suggested a knife switch might be the way to go. Although I really liked the idea of finding a genuine antique knife switch, they were Read more [...]

printrbot GO – amber LCD, bronze extruder gear

I think it was even in the comments on a blog post here that my friend Jon suggested that an amber LCD might be a nice modification to go along with the steampunk look.  He linked me to one on Amazon and after agreeing with him in concept and thinking about it a little bit (but not enough, as will be made clear), I ordered the panel. I did go so far as to confirm that it was a 20 characters x 4 lines panel, but didn't pay the first bit of attention to any of the other specs.  When it arrived, Read more [...]

Sketchup, augmented reality and Shapeways

So if you wanna print in 3d, chances are pretty good that you're going to want to design some objects to print (although one could certainly be endlessly entertained with the vastness that is Thingiverse). Since ordering a printer (and being tortured by the lead time of four weeks; I know, I have the patience of a five year old), I've been experimenting with modelling software a little bit to see what works for me.  I'm more of the engineer type than the artist type, so CAD software that offers Read more [...]