World Maker Faire New York 2013

It will perhaps not surprise you that I spent most of my time at Maker Faire ogling the various 3d printing displays.  Although that is what I will focus on in this post AND these beasties have surely taken over huge chunks of land at Maker Faire in recent years (based on what I've been told, this was my first Maker Faire), there is a lot going on at Maker Faire that is NOT 3d printing related believe it or not and I'm sure that folks interested in just about anything geeky, hacky, oddball and Read more [...]

what the frak is a RepRap? (THE FUTURE IS OUR DOOM)

RepRap is either a project (movement?), a community or a robot, depending on context. The project is the creation of Professor Adrian Bowyer of the University of Bath (UK) who, in a Keynote Address on the RepRap project in June 2006, set out the goals of developing replicating rapid prototypers: machines that could replicate themselves. More precisely, RepRaps had to be able to manufacture a substantial percentage of their own parts (built on Open Source designs,  licensed for free under the Read more [...]