printrbot GO – suitcase belts and signature panel

Since before I even owned the GO! (v.1), I had a vision in my mind about turning it into a steampunk steamer trunk kinda thing, and critical to that vision were suitcase belts. I can't imagine  a single feature (well, in addition to darkly stained wood) that says "olde timey" like leather belts up the sides of a piece of a luggage, so I knew I needed to get something like that working for me at some point. I got held up for some time on the idea of finding straps that were actually designed Read more [...]

printrbot GO – wireless control with OctoPrint

One of the more functional mods I'd been planning for some time was the addition of a Raspberry Pi with OctoPrint for wireless control and remote monitoring of prints (by webcam). OctoPrint is essentially a host software for 3d printers that allows you to control the printer remotely via a web interface.  It has the same basic functionality as Repetier-Host, Pronterface (PrintRun), Cura or MatterControl but is really designed for printing untethered, most commonly by installing OcotoPrint Read more [...]