printrbot GO – first thing you learn is that you always gotta wait

Today was a momentous day.  The Printrbot GO arrived (aside: I have been struggling with whether  printrbot or Printrbot is more correct, but since I've seen it both ways just about everywhere, I'm not gonna worry about it anymore). It wouldn't be right to not say something about the difficulties involved in getting to this point.  I have nothing but love for Brook, David and the other Printrbot guys, but it would be dishonest to say that the process of researching, ordering and ultimately receiving Read more [...]

how I decided on the printrbot GO

When I decided I simply had to get a 3d printer of my very own, my first instinct was to get a Makerbot. They are probably the most widely publicized and hence best known consumer grade 3d printer available and you can simply stroll down to their NoHo store and walk out with one under your arm (well, figuratively anyway). They are reportedly very easy to use thanks to being preassembled and calibrated and coming with some easy to use software. There's a lot to like here. After reading the Read more [...]