what this is

The post title is perhaps optimistic, but I wanted to try to jot down a few thoughts about why I finally knuckled under and started a blog.

I’ve written about watches since 1998 or so, with articles published by TimeZone, ThePuristS (now PuristSPro), International Watch (now iW Magazine) and Horological Times (website currently blocked by Google as containing malware, great). Since taking a full time position in the watch industry, this activity has all but completely ceased.  Conflicts of interest and all that. I hope to find the time to write some thoughts on watches and watchmaking here, probably non-controversial stuff for the most part (or at least without naming (brand) names).

The thing is, I’ve gotten so excited about the world of 3d printing in the last few months that I am splitting at the seams.  I’m talking the ear off of all of my coworkers, friends and my patient wife and I need an outlet I think. Also, the technology is so new and developing so fast that it’s difficult to keep up, so I’m hoping I can document some of my experiences so that other folks just getting interested in 3d printing can learn from my mistakes.

Let me also thank my sage advisor and kindly web host Jonathan Edwards (@UnderTheLoupe, tinyparts.net), from whom I always learn something.